More About Us

We established the American Muscle Car Masters (AMCM) road racing series in 2020. Through our experience launching that series, we made many contacts in the racing parts supply business, and decided to pass on to our racers the value of these connections. We know racers because we are racers, and therefore we know how important it is to get quality parts at competitive prices, along with advice and service, so we decided to expand the business and offer our services to the greater amateur racing community. 

As our e-commerce plans were taking shape, we were mounting and balancing wheels and tires while preparing for a race weekend using an old tire machine and balancer that we’d purchasedTo set the balance, the machine spins the tire/wheel and then indicates on a small display the amount of weight to add. After a spin, adding weights, and spinning again, the display indicated “GUD”, and we both laughed hard at the irony. Since then, we’ve used this simple word when satisfied something on our race cars is GUD. It was only natural to us that we should name our e-commerce parts business GUD Racing Parts.  



About Al Fernandez 

Al was born in Spain but has been living in the U.S.A since 1979. life long road racing fan and street rodderhe moved to the San Francisco area to begin a new job in 2001, and thought that there must be a way an average guy could get his street car on a real road courseOf course there was, as Al discovered during the very next weekend at a NASA event at then Sears Point Raceway. Al has been competing in various NASA series ever sincehas served as an official for NASA and the FIA. 


About Craig McCormick 

Craig grew up in Australia and has lived in the USA since 2006. In Australia Craig raced motocross and karts as a teenager maintaining a love of motorsport as a young kid watching Bathurst through until now. Craig has been road racing for the past 9 years holding several track records and the American Iron Texas series championship twice. Actively restoring a VDS Lola CanAm car led to a relationship with the AJ Foyt IndyCar team and the opportunity to help out on pitlane at 3 Indy 500s and several other events.